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Business Intelligence & Data Reporting Heroes

As we’ve blogged about in the past, when it comes to reporting, we’ve tried the majority of web-based financial reporting tools and dashboards out there.


growthRecently, we had a chance to discuss our experiences with Accounting Today’s Danielle Lee for her Accounting Technology segment. Here’s a link to that article, which describes our experiences helping clients with business intelligence and financial reporting from their QuickBooks files.

One of the biggest “aha moments” from our time talking with Danielle was recognizing just how easy Fathom makes it for our firm to serve several dozen of our clients with business intelligence and custom reporting.  In some large ways, having Fathom in our teams’ tool belt has helped contribute to System Six looking a bit like data reporting heroes.

Data reporting heroes, that has a nice ring to it!

Either way, data reporting heroes or ordinary everyday bookkeepers and accountants, we love the challenge of serving our clients and helping them to focus on what they do best (which is working in their business and leading their teams) while we work on the financial details for them.


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